Born in ‘82 on top of the frozen prairies of Alberta, Canada, I brandished a hammer in one hand and a GI Joe in the other. Pops taught me the value of hard work and building things for myself as soon as I hit the ground.

I grew up swinging hammers, spinning wrenches, building cabins, and tearing down motorcycles. Maybe it was the elation of manipulating both machine and material into something greater. Maybe it was the fear of one day losing a finger with a skil saw. Somehow an upbringing packed with manual labour lead me to find a career with a computer on my lap, working the less metallic, but equally raw materials of the internet.

These hands may have become soft, but the thrill of the build is as strong as ever. I’m a digital designer who uses the fabric of web, HTML & CSS, to design and build interfaces that connect people with machine. I’m right at home on this crazy pinprick of light we call earth, and lucky as hell to be here.
Contact me: trav@louderthanten.com
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Some of the fine organizations I've worked with:

  • nGen Works
  • Dissolve
  • Veer
  • Corbis
  • Epic Games
  • Sencha
  • Austin Symphony
  • Girl Scouts
  • Native Sun Natural Foods
  • Loyal Loot
  • Stampede Roundup
  • Alberta Gymnastics Federation
  • Calgary Communities Against Sexual Assault

Give me a hollar at trav@louderthanten.com to see how I can fit.


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I’ve written a few things on the internet in my day. Here's a selection of some of my old and new favourites: