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Travis Gertz

General purpose human being.

I reside in a small corner of the universe and focus on creating things that make information & technology more loveable to Earthlings like you and me.

Job titles in the design industry are misleading and usually bullshit. Being a proud generalist, I fall somewhere in the cross section of UX designer, UI designer, web designer, graphic designer, and identity designer. I love creating identity, UI, and design system projects, and I’ll work my ass off with you to create an elegant approach that aligns with your business goals, speaks to your audience, and sustainably grows your organization.

I’m currently unavailable for client work, but can help train your project managers over at Louder Than Ten.

Latest work

See the North Hawk Woodcraft Inc. project

North Hawk Woodcraft Inc.

My brother, Steve, is a killer finishing carpenter with a thriving business in Alberta. He needed an original identity for his new business, North Hawk Woodcraft. I set him up with a slick logo and simple identity system, including letterpressed business cards, so he could soar above the herds of lame gradient-happy logos that roam Calgary’s construction industry. Had a lot of fun with this one.

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