Travis Gertz

Earth-based design generalist.

I reside in a small corner of the universe and focus on designing and developing things that make information & technology more loveable to Earthlings like you and me.

Job titles in the design industry can be misleading, and often kinda garbage. Being a proud generalist, I fall somewhere in the cross-section of a web, UX, product, editorial, graphic designer, and front-end developer. I’m also the co-founder of Louder Than Ten, the school for people who manage projects. I love creating identity, UI, digital products, design systems, and I’ll work my ass off with you to create an elegant approach that aligns with your business goals, speaks to your audience, and sustainably grows your organization.

Talk to me about the interplay of design and content, project management, the business of design, how design and technology affects social and political systems, post-capitalist economics, space and the Filet-o-fish sandwich.

I also like to write and speak at conferences, occasionally.

Latest work

See the Louder Than Ten Illustration project

Louder Than Ten Illustration

We rely on a ton of illustration for Louder Than Ten. Over the last four years, I developed a flexible illustration system we’ve used to build a massive library of illustrations for use on our marketing materials and in our curriculum.

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